Kitoko™ Advanced Hair Therapy - Luxurious. Sensory. Scientific.

Experience Kitoko™ Advanced Hair Therapy, a luxurious range of highly effective in-salon and homecare treatments that provide a professional regime approach to hair and scalp care.

The Concept

Inspired by the rich, natural resources of Africa, Kitoko™ Advanced Hair Therapy offers an indulgent, sensory experience and a therapeutic approach to professional hair care - today, tomorrow, always.

The natural African plant extracts in Kitoko™ have been expertly selected by our development chemists for their incredible rejuvenating and restorative qualities, ensuring fantastically healthy, beautiful hair. Each regime uses its own unique blend to ensure maximum effectiveness in its specialist treatment area.

Combined with our Electron Acceptor Technology™ and ultra-gentle formulas, completely free from sulphates, parabens, waxes and mineral oils, Kitoko™ Advanced Hair Therapy presents a naturally balanced, colour-safe range, perfectly matched to hair and skin.

Kitoko™ offers a luxurious, sensorial & mood enhancing experience. Clients requiring deep conditioning treatments can receive the Kitoko™ Sensory Head Massage - a specially developed sequence of techniques, designed to improve circulation and relieve stress whilst ensuring Kitoko™ treatment products deliver optimum results. This, combined with the carefully selected, sensory and olfactory fragrances in each Kitoko™ regime, ensures an enhanced experience for client and stylist alike.

Electron Acceptor Technology™

We are all subject to many external influences such as pollution, chemicals, climate and damaging UV rays. Inevitably these take their toll on the hair and skin, causing chemical bonds in the hair structure to break, decreasing its elasticity, resilience, and suppleness. This harmful action is known as free radical damage and it leaves our hair and bodies vulnerable to ageing, attack and further damage.

Electron Acceptor Technology™ is the ultimate answer. This unique blend of antioxidants specifically targets free radicals, preventing damage to the hair structure and protecting it from harm, helping to maximise your hair's natural beauty.