Scissorhands UK Hairdressing Scissors

Hairdressing Scissors Designed by Ashley. Fifth generation award winning hair stylist, salon owner, product creator and author.

Different by design, Scissorhands are REAL hairdressers creating great quality hairdressing scissors to make your haircutting much quicker, easier & more controlled.

What people say about us

In a salon where I`m always being bombarded with new products and so called great ideas for my salon, it`s nice to deal with Ashley and the team at Scissorhands who are from a hairdressers back ground. We`ve been using Scissorhands for over 5 years now.

We started buying our scissors because Ashley was the first person to explain anything about scissors that made any real sense. Since then we have been on various training courses and had in salon training sessions to help my staff really get to grips with how to cut with the various cutting tools they recommend. All my staff now have a set of cutting equipment from Scissorhands as a result.

We`ve really enjoyed learning a new way to do things and the buzz it gives us from trying out new haircutting ideas. On a personal note, I suffered from sore tendons for around 4 years. I have been using a pair of Revolving thumb scissors for over a year now on recommendation. I am glad to say that the pain has really reduced as a result.

Donna Westfall - Kaos Hair and Beauty, Keighley, Yorkshire

I recently purchased a superb new pair of 6.5" rotating thumb shears from Ashley at Scissorhands.We also had two pairs of our shears sharpened, so well that they are now better than new! Ashley visited the salon, advising in detail which pair of shears would suit my needs, explaining the way that Scissorhands works in partnership with salons to provide training and support. I've been in the industry for 30yrs and it was refreshing to speak to Ashley as he understands the needs of professional hairdressers and the significance of good advice from someone who is a fellow professional. I Highly recommend Scissorhands to all hairdressers.

Christopher Jones

Scissorhands have changed the way I cut hair and they have made hairdressing so much more interesting and creative for me. Having the support from Ashley and his team with education, you don't just purchase a pair of scissors and walk away, it's a relationship you have for life.

Sam Cox - Fringe, York